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VIP Experience: Windstar Luxury Cruises

Windstar Luxury Cruises

Couples enjoying an intimate evening dining experience on the top deck of the Windstar Cruise ship.

There is simply an untethered joy in sailing.

Travel at a relaxed pace with the brilliance of the sun and stars overhead. Teak decks warm the soles of your bare feet. Islands are in the distance, lush green hills rising from the sea while dolphins and turtles surround the ship's wake. Opportunities to dress casually, a no tipping policy, spacious accommodations and fine dining are all the allure of a Windstar Luxury Cruise.

Three ships belong to the fleet sailing all corners of the Earth offering 5 to 14 day cruises. There is one crew member to every two guests leading to an unrivaled level of luxury. Carrying just 148 to 312 guests, the luxurious Windstar Cruise ships travel to nearly 50 nations, calling at 100 ports throughout Europe, as well as the Caribbean and the Americas. What started as an idea to bring together the freedom of sailing with the luxury of a resort vacation has developed into the ultimate getaway.

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Luxurious Stateroom Cabins
Luxurious Stateroom Cabins

The Windsurf Bar & Lounge
The "Windsurf" Bar & Lounge
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