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About Christina Ernst and VIP Travel

Christina Ernst is a travel expert and a travel professional of 20 years in the travel industry. She and her staff of travel professionals are able to assist in a manner specifically tailored to answer the questions of the travel industry, press and media.

She is available for:

  • Commissioning for travel related articles and travel advice
  • Attendance of travel related events
  • Review of destinations, accommodations, and travel services
  • Partnerships with tourist boards/airlines/hotels to promote destinations
  • Presentations related to travel trade

VIP Alpine Tours started in 1996 with taking travelers on unique small group tours in Europe. We are also one of the first tour operators to take travelers to Christmas Markets across Europe and Christina Ernst, president, has traveled to thousands of markets in over 500 cities across Eastern and Western Europe as well as having traveled to approximately 50 countries.

Christina and her team are passionate about travel and organize many PR trips as well as vacations for well known travelers that need to be out of the limelight.